Amazing!!! Taste of Barbados
I've been to barbados many times in my life and this is the closest i've come to authentic bajan food. Staff are amazingly friendly (keep up thw good work Oscar) and the food is brilliant. The home-made hot sauce sorts the men from the boys! Can't wait to go back!! Keep doing a brilliant job!!

Tim. May 2018

Birthday Treat

Excellent food, excellent service , great Caribbean vibe. Strawberry daiquiri best in Brighton. And played Stevie Wonder "Happy Birthday". Todd. May 2018

Great service and food!

Authentic bajan food in Brighton! I'm surprised and happy. Being half Bajan and growing up in Brighton I was surprised that there is a local venue selling tasty authentic food from Barbados....and... great service as well. We stayed for hours because of the relaxed atmosphere and great service. 
I recommend the Bentley - homemade lemonade with angostura bitters. 
Ashnine. May 2018

"We stumbled across this place on a busy Saturday lunchtime. They managed to squeeze us in and I am so glad they did. I have never had food like this before and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The staff were very friendly and helpful. The atmosphere inside was great with the owner mixing serving with chatting to the customers making sure that everyone was having a good time. We will be back for more."  Jerry M, March 2017.

"When your 78-year old Trinidadian mother gives the food and the rhum punch her seal of approval, you know you've hit on a gem. For us, it was all about the roti, and boy were they good....made by a Trinidadian outfit up in London, and brought down for the punters in Brighton. We had the goat curry -the special of the day - and the meat was wonderfully tender and well spiced....and unlike so much goat, not bony at all. Service was exceptional. We will be back!" BrightonBN1, March 2017.

"Last minute booking on our visit to friends in Brighton. Had heard and read good reviews. However, our welcome was far better than we could have expected. Great friendly atmosphere with food served promptly. Very tastey and highly suggest you give this place a try. You will not be dissapointed. Excellent. Very enjoyable."  VinnyP66, March 2017.

"Barbados is a place very close to my heart. Couldn't believe my luck finding a Bajan restaurant in my hometown! The food is tasty and authentic with generous servings, staff are friendly and the relaxed atmosphere takes you right back to that lovely sunny island. The only downside - it made me really homesick! ;)" TrickyTomato, March 2017.

"People get ready ... Bus Stop is here with good food and great music!" Full review here by food blogger Eshe, 16 January 2016

"I don’t often race off to write a review barely hours after eating, but I really need to tell you all about Bus Stop. Have you heard of Brighton’s latest addition?" Full review here by The Third Place, 22 January 2017. 

"Overall, the staff were incredibly helpful, friendly and relaxed. We all know that the service you get in a restaurant goes a long way and, despite being it being a really busy Friday night, they didn't miss a beat. Our overwhelming thoughts about Bus Stop were that, not only is the food first class, but it would be a great place to start a night with its choice of music and fun atmosphere.  Bus Stop definitely fills a gap in what can be an over-saturated market of eating-out in Brighton. I will definitely be going back and, next time, it's rum time!" Full review here by Brighton Girl, 13 March 2017.